journalism memoir

I write memoir to examine and understand pieces of my life.

Whether I am writing of enduring images from my past or significant events from my present, the process of telling my stories as memoir takes me inside my subject matter to see what I could only recognize through writing.


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Collapse Anthologies and Literary JournalsAnthologies and Literary Journals
Dorothy Parker’s Ashes, “The Stolen Bathing Suit,” 2023
FEED, "Scattered Rubies," 2021
River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative's Beautiful Things, “Reading,” 2021
The Quill, “My Private Toolbox,” 2021
Valiant Scribe, “Viral Logic,” 2020
Dear Quarantine Diary: “Pinky Fingernail,” 2020
Pink Panther Magazine: "Skin, Weight, Cigarettes," 2020
Ragazine: "Buck," 2019
StoryNews: “When It Was Time,” 2019
The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review: “Bamboo,” 2018
Cultural Pursuit: "A Few Feet From Michael Cunningham,” 2016
Beyond: “Extracting Words,” 2016
Airplane Reading: “Until We Land,” Zero Books, 2016
Inside Press: "Midpoint,” 2016
Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie - Reader's House: "Perforated Skin," 2014
Ginosko Literary Journal, issue 14, pgs. 44-45: "Eden at the End," "Leaving" and "Tired," 2014
Marco Polo, 500 Words: "The Only Time My Mother Cried About Falling," 2013
Marco Polo, 100x100: “Unwrapped Newspaper,” 2013
Evening Street Press, Number 7: "When It Was Time," 2012
The Citron Review: "In Concert," 2012
The Lindenwood Review: “Still in the Air,” 2012
Referential Magazine: “Restless Legs,” 2012 Pushcart Prize nominee, Best of the Net Award nominee
Airplane Reading: "Until We Land," 2011
Motif 3: Work: "Clean," 2011
Taktil, An Online Literary Journal: "Riding Through the Sky," 2011
The Mom Egg's Vox Mom: "Inwood," 2011
The Living Room: "Dinner at Five" and "My Mother's Leg," 2011
Evening Street Press, Number 3: "I Love You Still," 2010
Venus Envy: "Toothpick Girl," 2010
The Westchester Review, Volume 2: “Return of the Dancing Trees,” 2008
Illness & Grace, Terror & Transformation: “After the Accident,” Wising Up Press, 2007
Cesium Magazine: “Raisins,” 2007
The Westchester Review, Volume 1: “Ariel’s Back,” 2007
I Wanna be Sedated: “Sofie’s Boots,” Seal Press, 2005
Conversely: “Good Lovin'," 2003
My Heart’s First Steps: “A Plea for Kindness,” “Sick Child,” Adams Media, 2003
Girl Wars: 12 Strategies That Will End Female Bullying Fireside: “Crossed,” 2003 “Untangling,” 2001
Surviving Ophelia: “Sofie on Her Way,” Perseus, 2001

Still Here Thinking of You:
A Second Chance With Our Mothers
A collaborative memoir about mothers and daughters by Vicky Addesso, Susan Hodara, Joan Potter, and Lori Toppel