journalism memoir

I write memoir to examine and understand pieces of my life.

Whether I am writing of enduring images from my past or significant events from my present, the process of telling my stories as memoir takes me inside my subject matter to see what I could only recognize through writing.


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Collapse Anthologies and Literary JournalsAnthologies and Literary Journals
Synchronized Chaos, “Dry,” 2023
Persimmon Tree, “Paul on the Floor in the Dark,” 2023
Dorothy Parker’s Ashes, “What Did Love Have To Do With It?,” 2023
Synchronized Chaos, “Itches,” 2023
The Bluebird Word, “Dear Chair,” 2023
Dorothy Parker’s Ashes, “The Stolen Bathing Suit,” 2023
FEED, "Scattered Rubies," 2021
River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative's Beautiful Things, “Reading,” 2021
The Quill, “My Private Toolbox,” 2021
Valiant Scribe, “Viral Logic,” 2020
Dear Quarantine Diary: “Pinky Fingernail,” 2020
Pink Panther Magazine: "Skin, Weight, Cigarettes," 2020
Ragazine: "Buck," 2019
StoryNews: “When It Was Time,” 2019
The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review: “Bamboo,” 2018
Cultural Pursuit: "A Few Feet From Michael Cunningham,” 2016
Beyond: “Extracting Words,” 2016
Airplane Reading: “Until We Land,” Zero Books, 2016
Inside Press: "Midpoint,” 2016
Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie - Reader's House: "Perforated Skin," 2014
Ginosko Literary Journal, issue 14, pgs. 44-45: "Eden at the End," "Leaving" and "Tired," 2014
Marco Polo, 500 Words: "The Only Time My Mother Cried About Falling," 2013
Marco Polo, 100x100: “Unwrapped Newspaper,” 2013
Evening Street Press, Number 7: "When It Was Time," 2012
The Citron Review: "In Concert," 2012
The Lindenwood Review: “Still in the Air,” 2012
Referential Magazine: “Restless Legs,” 2012 Pushcart Prize nominee, Best of the Net Award nominee
Airplane Reading: "Until We Land," 2011
Motif 3: Work: "Clean," 2011
Taktil, An Online Literary Journal: "Riding Through the Sky," 2011
The Mom Egg's Vox Mom: "Inwood," 2011
The Living Room: "Dinner at Five" and "My Mother's Leg," 2011
Evening Street Press, Number 3: "I Love You Still," 2010
Venus Envy: "Toothpick Girl," 2010
The Westchester Review, Volume 2: “Return of the Dancing Trees,” 2008
Illness & Grace, Terror & Transformation: “After the Accident,” Wising Up Press, 2007
Cesium Magazine: “Raisins,” 2007
The Westchester Review, Volume 1: “Ariel’s Back,” 2007
I Wanna be Sedated: “Sofie’s Boots,” Seal Press, 2005
Conversely: “Good Lovin'," 2003
My Heart’s First Steps: “A Plea for Kindness,” “Sick Child,” Adams Media, 2003
Girl Wars: 12 Strategies That Will End Female Bullying Fireside: “Crossed,” 2003 “Untangling,” 2001
Surviving Ophelia: “Sofie on Her Way,” Perseus, 2001

Still Here Thinking of You:
A Second Chance With Our Mothers
A collaborative memoir about mothers and daughters by Vicky Addesso, Susan Hodara, Joan Potter, and Lori Toppel